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Call for artists – ArtCALi 2016

Art in Colombia- call for artists

ArtCali – full color!

ArtCALi is a space for art in all its expressions, the meeting place of creators, of spectators, neophytes and experts , buyers, galleries and collectors, public institutions and private. It is a space for surprise, to discover a reinterpretation of what we are, according to our contemporary reality.

Since 2015 ArtCALi has created a space called Espacio 1492 as a stage to rediscover ourselves and meet our reinterpretations of reality. Espacio 1492 is the space for emerging artistic languages ​​in the current circulation of contemporary aesthetic, a meeting place with new proposals.
2016 ArtCALi calls all plastic and visual artists to participate in Space 1492, to exhibit their artistic proposal and generate a visibility that allows a dialogue between the audience and the artist and their work.
A jury of arts professionals, will make a selection of artistic proposals that have a deep conceptual content and meet the expectations of the event.
The selected artists will exhibit their works during the four days of the fair from 1 to 4 December 2016, which will make their proposal visible creating opportunity to generate cultural and commercial contacts and strengthen the projection of their artistic work.

Works that may participate will follow artistic techniques such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, and video. Foreign residents in the country as well as Colombian artists can participate in two categories: up to 35 years (six artists will be selected) and those over 35 years (3 artists will be selected).
The applications of plastic and visual artists should be sent by to email: until July 8, 2016, annexing the requested documentation:

Entry Form to Espacio 1492 in 2016 ArtCALi.
Registration fee amounting to fifty thousand pesos m / c ($ 50,000 = USD $17)
Artistic resume.
Statement or artist statement (maximum one page, Arial 12, single spaced).
Images of three works (no more than 6 images in total, including details), duly marked with the name of the artist, in JPG format with at least 300 dpi mail: (For example: Juan Pérez title work.jpg ).
Fact sheets works with author data, dimensions, painting technique, year of accomplishment and value of the works in Colombian pesos.
Each artist can submit up to three two-dimensional works with a maximum size 150 cm x 100 cm or even three three-dimensional works maximum size 200 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm or up to three facilities up to a maximum size of 200 cm x 200 cm x 200 cm. An artist can submit up to three works in different techniques and media. In no case can an artist can participate with more than 3 works.
The works, proposals or projects must not have been exhibited in the last calendar year in the city of Cali and should not have been made before 2014.
An assembly diagram must be attached for installations .
Artists must certify in writing the authorship of the participants and exhibits. Under no circumstances will ArtCALi 2016 accept works without authorship certificates or having authorship or copyright claims or lawsuits against them. ArtCALi 2016 is not responsible for the authorship of the works of the artists or the rights that correspond to these. These rights correspond directly to each author.
The artist, gallery and / or legal representative, authorize the total or partial publication of works in digital media, newspapers, magazines and other publications related to the ArtCALi 2016 event.

For the selection of artists and their works, the Selection Board, composed of three arts professionals, will take into account:
Compliance with the provisions of the current call for Espacio 1492 and the general provisions of ArtCALi 2016.
Coherence between the conceptual content of the work and formal proposals.
Academic and career of the participant.
The relevance of the works with the principles and tenets of ArtCALi 2016, framed in this call.
Participation in this call for Espacio 1492 implies acceptance of the terms and conditions thereof and the general provisions of ArtCALi 2016.
No works that exceed the dimensions specified in this call or significantly alter the conditions of the exhibition space or interfere with other works or that endanger the physical and mental health of the participants or the general public will be accepted.
In all cases, the exhibitor will provide all supplies, materials and technological devices that require their works for proper presentation for the duration of the event.

The list of artists selected will be published on the event website, Facebook page and via the supplied email on July 22, 2016.

More information: