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Abiezer AGUDELO (b. 1964) is a Colombian artist of international recognition and over thirty years of professional career as an artist. His work has participated and sold in more than 100 exhibitions worldwide and it can be easily stated that it is well admired internationally.


Here are links to two works that were auctioned and sold at Christie’s (London, England):

Enigma Central, Espera y Principe y Dominante (1999)

Seres Sólidos de Ensoñación y Exotismo (2009)

This is a link to a video showing the auction event on National TV in Colombia.



Abiezer Agudelo was born in Trujillo, Valle in 1964 but moved to Armenia, Quindio at two years of age and where today he still creates his fabulous artworks. Some media call him “The Colombian Picasso “.

He studied drawing at the Pereira Technological University. He held his first exhibition in 1978 and today, 35 years later, and has exhibited his works in over 100 exhibitions, including several of the world’s most prestigious galleries, including the auction house Christie’s in London, England.

Outside exhibition in Colombia and England, his works have also been exhibited in major cities in Spain, Israel, Chile, Panama, Mexico and the United States. Abiezer Agudelo also holds his professional card # 4829 issued by the Ministry of Education of Colombia, in the area of ​​visual arts. Pablo Picasso was the great inspirer of his works, most of which capture the influence of the famous Spanish painter. Other artists like Leger, Matisse, Modigliani and Willem De Kooning also have influenced him.

Abiezer defines her work as “neo-expressionist figurative” with strong linear quality. His passion is to represent the human figure and abstraction; his main activity is to create and exhibit his work around the world; works within which are created lush invented spaces in surreal, expressionistic and postmodernist compositions.

Among his goals as a painter are living, feeling, seeing, expressing and sharing his works with humanity. Apart from his extensive and varied exhibitions Abiezer has received several awards and invaluable recognition. We invite you to visit your “curriculum vitae” and detailed list of exhibitions and awards, in other sections of this web presentation for you to see detailed information about it.


Distinctions and Prizes

1981. Tercer Premio Salón de artistas del Quindío. Casa de la Cultura. Armenia – Colombia
1982. Primer Premio de Jóvenes Artistas. Galería centenaria. Armenia – Colombia
1984. Quinto Premio. lV Salón de Artes Visuales. Instituto Huilense de Cultura. Neiva – Colombia
1987. Primer Premio. lV Salón de Artistas del Quindío, sala Roberto Henao Armenia – Colombia
1989. Mención: Primer Bienal Internacional de Formato Mínimo. Galería Clepsidra. Bogotá – Colombia
1994. Nominado al premio del XXll Salón Internacional de Agosto. Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño. Bogotá – Colombia
1997. Primer Premio Vlll Salón Regional de Arte. Zona eje cafetero. Museo de Arte. Pereira – Colombia
1998. Premio Corporación Expreso del Arte XXXVll- salón nacional de artistas. Bogotá, Colombia
2000. Premio de Cultura del Año – Diario La Tarde de Armenia, Colombia 2002. Distinción ´´Cafetero de Oro ´´ Diario La Tarde Armenia, Colombia
2003. Mención Especial – X Salón Regional Museo de Arte Moderno Pereira, Colombia
2004. Paleta de Plata, Cruzada de Artistas del Eje Cafetero Club del Comercio Pereira, Colombia


Individual Exhibitions

1991. Oleos y pasteles: Galería Pirámide, Bogotá – Colombia.
1994. Dibujos gran formato: Sala de Exposición del Senado de la Republica, Bogotá Colombia.
1997. Muestra de pintura: Centro Cultural Antonio Maura ayuntamiento de Castellón España.
1998. Pinturas: Bolsa de Valores Edificio Cannon bridge – Londres, Inglaterra.
1999. Pinturas: galería de arte del centro municipal de música Televiv Yafo , Israel.
1999. Galería de Arte Canning House. Londres Inglaterra.
1999. Galería Paula Vicenti. Marbella, España.
2006. Pintura asociación sociocultural ´´ Acapulco´´ alicante , España.
2008. Encuentro de Culturas Andinas – Convenio Andrés Bello, Bogotá – Colombia.
2008. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Neiva – Colombia.


Collective Exhibitions

1980. Salón Regional de Artes Visuales. Casa de la Cultura Calarcá, Colombia.
1984. lV Salón Regional de Artes Visuales Neiva, Colombia.
1988. Obra en Marcha. Galería Diners .Bogotá, Colombia.
1990. lV Salón Nacional: Territorios visuales. Teatro Fundadores Manizales, Colombia.
1991. International Art Exposition. Convention Center. Galery Masters of Latin American art Miami Beach USA.
1994. XXll Salón Internacional de Agosto: Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño. Bogotá ,Colombia.
1996. Treinta artistas quindianos: Sala Roberto Henao Armenia, Colombia.
1997. Muestra de pintores Iberoamericanos: centre ´´ El Mercat´´ ayuntamiento D Almassora. Castellón España.
1997. muestra de pintores iberoamericanos: centro municipal de cultura Antonio Maura. Ayuntamiento de Castellón, España.
1998. Navegante de la cultura: Franco galería. Grabados convenio Andrés Bello Bogotá, Colombia.
1999. Homenaje a pedro Manrique pionero del collage en Colombia. Museo de Arte en Pereira, Colombia.
2000. Historia de los Salones Nacionales Museo de Arte Pereira, Colombia.
2003. Primer Salón de Arte Visual Kennedy ´´Arte al Paso ´´ Bogotá, Colombia.
2003. X salón Regional de Arte Zona Centro – Occidente Museo de Arte Moderno. Pereira, Colombia.
2004. Expresión múltiple. Museo de Arte Moderno. Pereira, Colombia.
2005. Primera Feria de Eje Cafetero de Colombia, Madrid, España.
2010. Reseñado en la Video-exposición Historia del Arte Colombiano en el Bicentenario de la Independencia MAMBO, Bogotá, Colombia.
2010. Exposición de arte – Galería patricia muños Barcelona España.


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