German Bernal

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Germán BERNAL (b. 1959) is a Colombian artist of international recognition and over thirty years of professional career as an artist. His work has participated and sold in many exhibitions worldwide and he is particularly known internationally for his art videos.




1959 Born in Bogotá.
1980-1982 Taller 5. Studies in Photography. Bogotá, Colombia.
1982 Travels to Europe: Spain, Germany
1985 Hochshule. Studies Video. Hamburg, Germany
1986-1989 Runs own jewellery worshop, Luneburg, Germany
1990-1996 Rietveld Academy, Arts. Amsterdam, Holland.
2008 Returns to Colombia
2009 Proyecto Arcapacha

Individual Exhibitions
1998 “Poste Restante.” Galería 3B. Trondheim, Norway.
2002 “And There It Was.” Consortium. Amsterdam, Holland.
2004 “Fábulas”. Galleria Torbandena. Trieste, Italy.
2005 “Portraits. 1000 Eyes”, Galería Miela. Trieste, Italy.
2008 “Killing Time”, Galería Jangva. Helsinki, Finland.
2014 “Memories of Bark” Galería Cero. Bogotá.

Group Exhibitions
1996 “Akzo Nobel” Arnhem, Holanda.
1997 National Library, Diners Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia.
1999 “Inside Out”, Gate Foundation, Amsterdam, Holland.
2000 “Avanguardia per una Collezione”, Galleria Torbandena Trieste, Italy.
2001 “Drawings & Collage” Opere su carta. Galleria Torbandena Trieste, Italy.
2002 “I am not here” Bienal Video, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2003 “Umetniki Za”. Ajdovščina. Slovenia.
2004 “Arti e Amicizie”. Amsterdam, Holland.
“Wester gas. Fabriek”, Amsterdam, Holland.
“Drawings & Collage”, Galleria Torbandena.Trieste, Italy.
2005 International Art Fair. Galleria Torbandena. Bologna, Italy.

1999 “The Mountain”. Video Installation. Ajdovščina, Slovenia.
2002 “Only Departures, no Returns.” Video Installation. Green Peace. Paris, France.
2003 I am not here. Video Installation. Banco ING. Amsterdam, Holland
2004 Arbol. Video Installation. Piazza Unitá. Trieste, Italy.
2006 Mural Installation. Colour ship cruise, Oslo, Norway.

Prizes & Scholarships
2002 Fonds Van Beeldende Kunst Amsterdam Holland.
2005 “Drawings in the Sand”, Winning Video. Festival Cine y Artes 1000 Eyes, Trieste, Italy.
2000 – 2004 Work with Galleria Torbandena. Trieste, Italy.

2003 Artist Residency. Verski Mzej. Sticna, Slovenia.
2004 Artist Residency. Umetniki Za. Skofijska, Slovenia.


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