Investor Information


Thank you for taking the time to look at our offer. We at present have the opportunity for you to invest in the art of a well-known Colombian artist as he further builds out his reputation internationally.

His work has already been independently appraised in a number of international art auctions and his name consistently appears all over the internet when people search from overseas for Colombian art. Who is he you may wonder? All will be revealed shortly.

But first let us present you with the details of the opportunity.

A large artwork of the artist has a valuation of between US$12-14,000 in the international markets. They have been offered for sale on international auction sites and websites such as for around US$10-12,000. At these prices thresholds it is important to maintain high level continued marketing independently from sales and this is what is being offered today: an opportunity to invest in the artists marketing budget and receive one of his most recent art creations at a highly reduced price.

For an investment of COP $6,000,000 (approximately US $2000 at present exchange rates) you will be able to purchase an artwork of the artist. You will be able to offer you artwork for sale only after two years have passed. Each artwork is authenticated and individually appraised with its international valuation.

There are only 10 opportunity slots available for 2017.  To enter into this small syndicate of investors you must sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) and not reveal the details of this understanding nor of your investment.

At this point it is important for the artist to maintain a certain level of anonymity but if you believe you would like to know more about the details of the offer and meet the criteria after being interviewed please provide your details below and you will be contacted within a 72 hour period:

Investment Disclaimer
As ever it is important to understand the following prior to going ahead with any investments:

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