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ArtBo 2012


Art by Mauricio Zequeda

Over 400 artists enriched Corferias with art in ArtBo 2012 where gallery owners, artists, collectors and spectators had the opportunity to enjoy four days of the International Art Fair of Bogota now in its eighth edition, organized by the Chamber of Commerce Bogota.

The Chamber of Commerce was interested in creating a space for expansion and movement artistic goods and services; converge and the cultural industry and the world business for economic growth. Thus, since its first release in 2005, it has been a great success, to the point of becoming one of the shows most important in Latin America.

This year, ArtBo ordered more than 10,000 square meters of exhibition space where 56 galleries, 44 of them foreign, were organized. The attendees managed to enjoy works of at least 400 artists from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain and of course Colombia.

Academic forums, talks and critical exchanges about collecting were simultaneously held with the
presence of prominent international figures such as Hans-Michael Herzog (Switzerland), Jesus Fuenmayor (Venezuela), Juan Carlos E. Palacios (Mexico), Lisa K. Erf (United States), Monica Novaes Esmanhotto (Brazil) and Maria Did (Spain).

As the motto of the fair is “Art is for everyone,” a space for artistic creation was available to children to explore their attitudes and skills, in order to bring them closer to the world of art.

In each of the previous seven versions that have been made of this important Fair organizers have endeavored to bring together leading exponents of the art. For those who visit this fair, it is a delight to witness all the creativity and ingenuity that comes there, and it is important we all become part of events like this, and harmonize with art.

Written by Katerine Latorre

Translated & edited from original Spanish version: