Olga de Amaral at Sotheby’s

Sotheby's ebay - Olga de AmaralOne of Colombía’s best known artists is Olga de Amaral. She recently just had a major exhibition at the  MAMBO (Museum of Modern Art – Bogota) along with her husband Jim Amaral and Ricardo Cárdenas in an exhibition curated by Eduardo Serrano.

She is an artist who has dedicated herself mainly to the textile arts, becoming one of the most outstanding representatives of this art in America.

As proof of her international popularity a major work is being auctioned off tomorrow evening, 25th May 2017,  by Sotheby’s. Bidding starts at $48000 so if you have a few extra pesos in your pocket to spend you can join in the auction from the comfort of your home and buy via eBay !!

The following artwork by Olga de Amaral forms part of the MAMBO’s private collection:

Olga de Amaral artwork

Sombra de Luna 4

Moon Shadow 4, 1987
Fiber and paint
200 x 125 cm

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